Kensington Mini Fleece Fly Mask with Ears

The Kensington Mini Fly Mask with Plush Fleece and Soft mesh ears, is offer in our exclusive Textilene® fabric withstands fading, soiling, wear & tear and is mildew resistant for unparalleled durability. The 1000 x 2000 fabric weave provides full visibility with maximum protection to the facial and eye areas. Non-abrasive, non-sticking and 78% air permeable the mask is perfect for protecting and promoting wound healing. The Double Locking System keeps the mask in place, even in pasture settings.

  • Textilene® offers durable protection against flies
  • 73% UV Rating and 78% breathability keeps your mini cool and protected
  • Plush fleece offers extra comfort and will provide a snug fit
  • Soft Mesh Ears eliminate head shaking from annoying pests
  • Double Locking closure prevents this mask from being easily removed

Sizes A (under 34″), B (over 34″), P (400-600lbs)



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