Kensington All Around Foal 1200 Denier Medium Weight Turnout Blanket-Black

Fits size range 30-38" and has adjustable velcro front. $69. Black.

Give your foal the protection it needs with our All Around Collection- a waterproof & breathable turnout blanket, featuring a 1200 Denier Ripstop, Teflon® outer shell, hollow fiberfill, and 70 Denier nylon liner. 28″-42″ Adjustable hook and loop front to grow up with your foal, and a 2″ single Surcingle belly strap.  

The entire collection of All Around HD turnouts is offered in our Horse, Babies, Mini, Pony, & Draft. Using 1200 Denier rip stop outer shell makes the fabric extremely durable and tear resistant allowing it to maintain high breathability. The highly breathable fabric aids in preventing condensation from body moisture ensuring your horse stays dry and comfortable.

The turnouts are 3000mm waterproof making them water resistant and rain proof also with windproof capabilities by cutting wind-chill through dead air pockets within the insulation. Other features include rolled nylon at the withers for padding and tail cover.

Item Code: KF533AA180 


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