Twisted X Men's Bomber & Bomber Top Hand Boots

Twisted X MTH0016 is designed for day in & day out working cowboy use.  The outsole is a slight lighter & Twisted X added a mesh lining for breathability. Both give a comfort level against leg & foot moisture. In fact, Twisted X comfort is unsurpassed. Rubber outsole & midsole with SDX insole gives stability while still flexible enough to run on the ground. The heel is under slung but has a long base that gives you the stability and comfort you need for ground work.  The heel rand is extended, just right, for a heavy banded spur and the shafts are taller for leg protection.  The welt and mid sole are extended though the waist for the cowboy who rides. Remember you can wash the removable SD molded, antibacterial, moisture wicking footbed & put it right back in when dry.  "If you work feed lots, you'll be happy to know that the outsole is bonded, which eliminates the probability of "feed lot stuff" rotting the welt threads.  We think this is the best using boot made for the working cowboy/cowgirl."


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