Kensington Pony Fly Mask

Kensington Fly Mask With Fleece Trim

Constructed of Textilene, an innovative PVC=coated polyester fabric with a 1000 x 2000 weave, this fly mask not only shields your horse from biting insects, but also shades your horse with 73% UV protection. It's specially formulated to withstand fading, soiling, and wear and tear, is mildew-resistant, and offers protection from fire and air-borne debris. It allows your horse full visibility with maximum protection to the facial and eye areas. Non-abrasive, non-sticking, and 78% air permeable, this mask protects from the elements and also allows for wound healing. The original double locking system keeps the mask in place.


  • Fleece trim for added comfort
  • New design allows ears and forelock to come through top of mask
  • Full visibility
  • Maximum protection for face and eyes and ears
  • Single dart design for better fit on a Pony face
  • Elastic at throat for safety
  • Helps aid in healing
  • Kensington Original Double Locking System
  • 73% UV protection
Item Specifications:

Textilene Mesh


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